export instagram comments

export instagram comments , like to excel or scrape Instagram followers and export all likes on media posted for Instagram , we can export any instagram data for hashtag or photo contest to  giveaway  or instagram analytics

export instagram comments

export instagram comments to excel

instagram comment export

Export instagram Comments post to excel and analyze Instagram data includes :<br /> username /text /date /time
Sample data

export followers list

export instagram followers and following list or your competitor's. Find engage with potential audience.
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Export Hashtag

Export Instagram hashtag or location posts with usernames and like counts to find influencers and target
Sample data

Export Likes

export likes from instagram post to excel or csv file to contest photo
Sample data
Price for Exporting Comments/Followers/likes Posts
Description Price
Less than 1000 $5
Less than 2,000 $7
Less than 5,000 $9
Less than 20,000 $18
Less than 50,000 $39
Less than 100,000 $79
Less than 200,000 $149
Less than500,000 $259
Less than2000,000 call

how to export instagram comments

How long will it take to export the data?

Below are some approximate times for exporting posts data:

  • Can take up to 24-72 hours

What data can I export?

You can export the following types of data for Instgram:

  • User’s Followers
  • User’s Following list
  • Hashtag Posts
  • Likes for a post
  • Comments for a post
  • Posts with a user hashtag
  • Posts at a location
  • User Stories and Highlights
  • email and phone number by user or hashtag

Can I export any User's followers?

Yes, as long as the user’s profile not set to private, we can export followers, following and posts.

How do I open the exported CSV file?

You can open the exported CSV file in either Google Sheets online or use Microsoft Excel.

What can I do with the data exported?

Below are examples of how some of our customers use the data:

  • Backup your posts, followers and following
  • Analyze your followers, understand your audience or find out how influential they are
  • Analyze your competitor’s followers or following list and engage with them
  • Export your hashtag campaigns and engage with the users who use your hashtag
  • Find local Instagram influencers based on hashtags
  • Find micro influencers based on multiple hashtags

Can I get the email and contact information of exported users?

Instagram does not give email and contact information of regular public users. However some users put their email in the bio description, we extract the email if it is available in the bio and add it to a column in the spreadsheet. Also if the Instagram user as setup a business account then there may be email and other contact information publicly available, this will be exported.

Why is the number of comments or hashtag posts exported lower than the count shown by Instagram?

The total count of comment or hashtag posts shown by Instagram includes posts from both public and private users, Instagram only allows exporting posts from public users. Typically about 15-30% of user profiles are private, so the actual count of posts exported will be lower. We take this into account when calculating the price for  comment or hashtag export.