how to do a giveaway on instagram

How long will it take to export instagram data?

Below are some approximate times for exporting posts data:

  • 10,000 – about 1 hours
  • 50,000 – about 3 hours
  • 100,000 – about 1 day
  • 900,000 – about 2 day

How can I track my order?

You can track your order by visiting your order tracking link and entering your phone number

how to giveaway winner picker ?

Choose to winners whit  instagram giveaway picker online

Watch the training video

how to run an instagram giveaway

  1. Choose the prize for your giveaway.
  2. Determine the entry-criteria for your contest.
  3. Decide on a goal for your Instagram contest.
  4. Consider a brand partnership.
  5. Select a campaign hashtag.
  6. Put a time-limit on your contest.
  7. Launch and promote your Instagram contest.
  8. use instagram giveaway picker for select winners.

Really Getting All Comments of My Post?

yes. Even if there are tens of thousands of comments in your Instagram Post, You can make a contest fastly and funny
It takes about 2 minutes for 5.000 Comments
Some giveaway contest sites or programs only choose a winner from the last 150 comments.
But marketing98 Tools reach all comments and select winners randomly from all that comments. Your contest be fair, and your follower trust you.

Can I Specify Minimum Number of Tags in Comments?

Yes. You can choose the minimum number of tags in each comment.

How Many Times Can I Repeat The Contest?

Do Not Worry If You Need To Repeat Your Contest For Any Reason. There Is No Repeat Limit on marketing98 giveaway Tools

Why are some comments not downloaded?

Sometimes 10-30% of comments are from private users and will not be exported.
Some comments are spam.Instagram will not display them.
Comment author’s Instagram account has been suspended or disabled. Instagram will not display any comments written by them.

I need a custom data export, can you help me?

Just contact us and provide details about your custom export.


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