exportar datos de instagram

exporta todos los comentarios y me gusta o seguidores de tus publicaciones de Facebook, Instagram o Twitter a CSV o archivo de Excel

app sorteos instagram

La forma más fácil de elegir aleatoriamente comentarios y me gusta como ganadores de Instagram seleccionando Me gusta o comentarios y presionando elegir ganador

Herramienta de análisis de Instagram

Herramienta gratuita de análisis de Instagram para perfiles personales y comerciales tasa de participación publicación de instagram
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What is Giveaway app?

Giveaways app helps companies hold contests on Instagram, and people find them and take part in them.
With Giveawaysapp , you no longer need to constantly open Instagram, view photos and distribute numbers to participants. Now the photos are automatically uploaded to the contest created on the site, where at the appointed time the winner will be determined using the built-in random number generator. You just need to add a contest and specify what users need to do in order to participate in the draw

Why for the competition no longer need to assign numbers?

In Giveaways app, participants are assigned numbers automatically. Previously, the numbers were heard in the comments to the posts, so that on a third-party site with a random number generator you could choose the winner from those who left the numbers. A random number generator is already built into Giveaways.ru and it will independently choose the winners among your participants.

How to make a repost in Instagram?

The repost in Instagram is done either by using a special program, or by creating a screenshot of the picture on your phone and laying it out on Instagram

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